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  38 months ago

Tell the story of your first kiss

Today let’s take a little trip down memory lane.
A First kiss can be a wonderful memory that we still keep close to our hearts or a catastrophe that we still like to chuckle about
Either way, most first kisses are quite memorable!

Do you still remember your first kiss?
Tell us how it happened

Ten stories will be chosen at random and receive 1,000 points


  38 months ago
My first kiss was with my big crush in high school. It happened at the back of the class on valentines day.


  38 months ago
My first kiss, it was magical... took a girl I had this massive crush on out, we went for a coffee... we then went for a walk through the shopping center and I found a spot in front of this water-fountain ... I looked into her eyes, with my heart pounding, took her hand and kissed her... fireworks!


  38 months ago
We went to the movies, to watch Thor, I have no idea how the movie ends, and I cannot bring myself to watch it, because I always remember making out with him! He wasn't too bad, but there was a lot of tongue. so I was kind of grossed out.


  38 months ago
It was weird and a bit disgusting


  38 months ago
Yup, but I never kiss and tell! Wink, wink!


  38 months ago
Was very nervous and afraid i would do the wrong thing and it was my first girl as well


  38 months ago
I was 26 when I had my first kiss. My, now, husband and I used to work together. We stole 10 minutes and went to the first aid room. He kissed me unexpectedly. I remember blushing so much... Will always remember that day <3


  38 months ago
Mine was when I was 6 years old we used to visit my moms friend during the holidays, she had a grandson and we were head over heels then we moved away. I saw him for the first time again when I was 19 years old we went to visit his grandmother and he was there, I had heart palpitations when I saw him and he did not even recognize me....


  38 months ago
My first kiss was a bit horrendous. I had never told the guy he was my first kiss. We were still in Primary school though. For me, kisses meant baby kisses. For him, they had more tongue i guess. So I went for it, puckering my lips and kept giving him baby kisses...
After a while I broke up with him and he spread rumours about me, and called me a bad kisser in those rumours. I fetched him... from the rugby changing room... with half naked boys changing into their rugby gear. I pushed him against the table, before my friend who also played rugby held me back. I continued to swear at him in front of the teacher/rugby coach that only knew me as the sweet girl that always got distinctions in his social sciences class. The fear in my ex's eyes, and the shock in my teacher's are two looks I'll never forget.
Who knew a bad first kiss could end in a little girl fetching a guy in a changing room? I guess I've always been a little feisty...


  38 months ago
I was yet to be shown something new that day, something i had never seen before... but i was not prepared for what came after... as i fought my way of the liquid substance that had kept me hostile , for i do not know how long... i finally saw it... something i had never seen before , somehow i knew this day was going to come, i ddint know when, but i knew it was goi g to come.. that voice, i had heard since my existance... it slowly came closer to me... i had not much of visual, but when i felt the kiss on my soft skin, i knew i was going to spend the rest of my life loving tuis person, and that is mother... she gave me the first kiss
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