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  13 months ago


I just didn't know how important it would be in my life to meet new People until I got divorced (amicably), and discovered the incredible People who had been going about their own lives while I had been pottering around at home, always not far from the kitchen or local shop!
Now, besides having many Virtual Friends and Contacts, I had not met new People for years! Yes, there were a few newcomers to the area, and the apartments were left and moved into, plus strangers came to sing karaoke at the bar! But, that, I found, is NOT what life is about!
I had to step out of my comfort zone and go to a space where People actually SPOKE to one another!
Now, I'm not saying get divorced at all! In my life it was not the divorce which changed my life, but going to a meeting arranged for People who found themselves with similar dispositions to myself!
I think that had I ventured out of my comfortable marriage routine to include such a meeting with like-minded people in real life, perhaps then my marriage would have found some flavour again, but, of course, that is all by the wayside now.
However, back to meeting real people who really talk about their personal experiences!
Yes, on the internet one may listen to many talks, but it is by far the best experience to actually BE THERE!
My meetings are small and are about communicating ways and means of coping with a similar problem!
And it works wonders!
So, whatever problem you're struggling with - find a group where People meet and can shake hands and talk and ask questions!
It has helped me such a lot!
There are so many meetings that are held in each Community about many different problems and solutions, bringing us all closer to understanding ourselves!
And it doesn't have to be a problem you're sharing! It can be games, hobbies, professions, etc.
And if there isn't a group, then it's on your onus to CREATE a group!
And don't do a virtual one!
I have lost so much by being a 'virtual' person for many years!
I am giving you a little shove!
You could save many relationships by just reaching out a real hand and embracing your Neighbours and New Friends to gain a better insight into your interests, problems and dreams!
Warmest wishes, raine


  13 months ago
thats a great idea Reply


  13 months ago
Happy new year and all the best Reply


  13 months ago
Great going, all the best for 2020:) Reply


  13 months ago
thanks gonna try this Reply


  13 months ago
I wouldn't have said it better! I am glad you are going out there and meeting actual real people. Its my goal as well. Reply

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